February - August 2020

Robin Ward, KPJAYI authorised teacher (level 2), will be teaching at SHALA Prague from February till August 2020.

Od února do srpna 2020 bude v shale učit ranní mysore program Robin Ward, KPJAYI autorizovaná učitelka s mnohaletými zkušenostmi jako učitel i praktikant.

February - August 2020 

morning mysore 


Regular prices apply

Ceny beze změny podle současného ceníku

If you're new to the ashtanga method and would like to join our morning mysore program, you have to commit to at least 3x a week practice for one month. Only practitioners with regular practice (at least standing postures) can come as a drop-in for one class only if they wish to.

Nováčci, kteří nemají vlastní praxi, mohou ranní mysore navštěvovat pod podmínkou, že budou do lekcí docházet alespoň 3x týdně po dobu jednoho měsíce. Studenti, kteří mají vlastní praxi a vědí jak jdou pozice po sobě (alespoň pozice ve stoje), mohou přijít jen na jednu lekci, pokud chtějí.


Ashtanga Yoga Introduction Course, twice a week, duration 3 weeks

In this course you will be taught correct breathing, the foundational postures of the primary series and everything you need to know in order to build a stable and peaceful self-practice. Suitable for complete beginners to yoga, those experienced in yoga but new to Ashtanga and practitioners who want to refresh the basics. This is a rare opportunity to all beginners to be taught by an experienced KPJAYI level 2 teacher.

Spaces are limited to max.10 students to ensure individualised attention.

As well as 6 sessions, you will also be able to attend 2 morning mysore classes (this is optional, but encouraged).​

Price and dates to be confirmed.


Price includes 6 course classes plus 2 mysore classes (any mysore class on our schedule during the course dates).


Robin is a gentle and nurturing teacher of the Ashtanga method, with a deep respect for the purity of this practice. She passes the teachings on with care and precision, believing that the benefits come from consistent and sustainable effort in the traditional way. Robin started practicing yoga when she was 18 years old. She is a dedicated student of R. Sharath Jois. Receiving the traditional Authorization of KPJAYI to teach this method has been an incredible blessing, which then allowed Robin to assist Sharath in the KPJAYI Shala in Mysore, India.


Over the years, Robin has taught in many different places, including Dubai, Bali, The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and more. She loves teaching both beginners and experienced practitioners. She has also taught people from various backgrounds such as athletes, pregnant women, people of all ages and people with serious illnesses. She assists her students with their individual needs in order to promote physical, emotional and spiritual balance in their contemporary lifestyles. She believes this traditional practice to be a fundamental catalyst for growth, when practiced daily.

Ashtanga Yoga Shala v tradici R. Sharath Jois and Sri K. Patthabi Jois

SHALA Prague

Trojanova 18, Praha 2



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